Global Study Consultation - El Salvador Civil Society

A national consultation for civil society was held on 28 and 29 April, 2015, in San Salvador City, El Salvador. Organized by the Feminist Collective for Local Development, the Prudencia Ayala Feminist Coalition, and Project Counseling Services, the participants included Luz Mendez, a member of the High Level Advisory Group for the Global Study, as well as female ex-combatants, members of local women’s organizations, and members of national feminist alliances.

Participants shared their views on areas of progress and lack of progress for the security of women in El Salvador, as well as women’s contributions to peace and security. In the wake of the armed conflict and subsequent peace agreement signed in 1992, the participants identified lack of support for female ex-combatants, impunity for crimes against women committed during the conflict, a lack of support for victims of sexual violence, and recent violence against women committed by gang members (including in state prisons) as important peace and security problems. They also recognized several positive developments including legislation promoting gender equality, increased cooperation between the state and civil society, and the creation of national institutions for the advancement of women.

Key recommendations of the national consultation include:

  • The importance of state implementation of a UNSCR 1325 National Action Plan;
  • The need for more women at the highest levels of security and justice, and 50 per cent political representation;
  • The need for a repeal of the Amnesty law, and the eradication of impunity;
  • The importance of preventing sexual violence;
  • The need to prevent militarization by the state;
  • The importance of mainstreaming gender in government institutions and fully implementing all laws related to women’s human rights;
  • The need for a UN mechanism for monitoring the implementation of UNSC resolution 1325.