The University of Edinburgh, through the Political Settlements Research Programme has launched Women and Peace Agreements Database (PA-X Women), an invaluable new knowledge tool for all engaged in the women, peace and security agenda.  

Explore the database here

The database lists all the peace agreements between 1990 and present day which have provisions on women, gender or sexual violence, and provides full search features for what those provisions deal with. 

This database comprises part of PA-X, a peace agreement database which is intended to operate as a Peace Agreement Access Tool.  This database will give access to a definitive collection of peace agreements from 1990 to present day, which at present comprise around 1200 peace agreements in around 100 jurisdictions.  Its purpose is to enable research on peace agreement provisions, and to support those engaging in peace processes to access comparative information on how peace agreements deal with core issues of inclusion, human rights, and development.  The full database is scheduled for publication at the start of 2017. The Women and Peace Agreement Database (PA-X Women) is a sub-database of all the agreements which include an explicit reference to women and gender, with searchable sub-categories.

The PA-X Women database is an output from the Political Settlements Research Programme and has been funded by DFID, UK Aid, and UN Women. The Programme has also created a resource page on UNSCR 1325 and the High-level Review here.