The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands hosted a two-day conference on women, peace and security (16-17 February 2015) – with particular attention to enhancing participation and leadership of women in (post) conflict peacebuilding.

Based on national policy on 1325 including the National Action Plan on 1325, the Netherlands brought together representatives from civil society, governments, international organizations and academia to exchange knowledge and develop national as well as global recommendations on enhancing participation and leadership of women in security and (post) conflict peacebuilding. The outcomes of the conference will serve as input to the Global Study on the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

The conference took place in parallel to a Regional European Conference in support of UN Peace Operations, held at the same venue. Both conferences intersect on the topic of gender perspectives in peacebuilding and peacekeeping operations and this will enable synergies to be established. Participants will be able to attend plenary sessions of the Regional European Conference.

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