A country visit to Nepal took place from 11-12 February 2015, in Kathmandu. The visit was convened jointly by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, and UN Women, and included meetings with representatives of the Government of Nepal, members of the Constituent Assembly, the Nepalese Army, the National Human Rights Commission, the National Women’s Commission, the UN Country Team, civil society, and most importantly, those who have been directly impacted by the conflict, including women ex-combatants and victims.

Nepal was selected as the destination for one of several country visits, based on the nation’s decade-long armed conflict, as well as the significant progress the country has made toward the implementation of SCR 1325 since the signing of the Peace Accord in 2006. The country visit provided an opportunity to examine successes, including the adoption in 2011 of a National Action Plan (NAP), following a highly consultative drafting process, which reached stakeholders in all parts of the country.

The visit also afforded an occasion to reflect on the challenges which remain for the women, peace and security agenda in Nepal, including addressing the needs of conflict-affected women, the implementation of the NAP, and redress for survivors of violence through transitional justice mechanisms and a new constitution. In this context, the information collected during the country visit will be used in the study to inform examples of best practices, as well as its general discussions of the challenges post-conflict countries such as Nepal continue to face.