As the Secretariat of the Global Study on 1325, we are pleased to release the final Global Study: 

Preventing Conflict, Transforming Justice, Securing the Peace

Excerpt from the Executive Summary:

"The world has changed since the Security Council adopted resolution 1325 in October 2000. The nature of conflict in certain regions is qualitatively different, the content of what we mean by ‘peace’ and ‘security’ is evolving, and the understanding of what we mean by ‘justice’ has also transformed. This ever-changing and ever evolving reality poses major dilemmas for the four pillars of Security Council resolution 1325 and its subsequent resolutions: these pillars of prevention, protection, participation, and peacebuilding and recovery. It is in this context of a changing world and shifting dynamics for peace and security, that the Global Study undertakes a fifteen-year review of the implementation of resolution 1325."

Download the Global Study:

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More languages coming soon. Download individual chapters of the Global Study in all languages here

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